ifva Everywhere ifva+ SeminarII: Back to the start, let’s talk about screen..
Moderator: Ernest Chan Guest speakers: Saville Chan, Philip Yung Let’s take a break from talking about indie filmmaking and social media, which we did in our first seminar. This time we will go back to where it all started. Grab your pencil and paper - it’s time to do some screenplay writing! The first step is the hardest. The most important element prior to the rolling..
Jockey Club ifva Everywhere Opening Ceremony and People’s Cinema – Open-air ..
Organised by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and exclusively funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Jockey Club ifva Everywhere annual project encompasses a series of exciting events, covering short films, videos, animation and media art, to be inaugurated with the most anticipated People’s Cinema – Open-air Screening. We will jump out of the conventional theatrical setting, ..
Seminar : Digital Era – Projection of the Next Marketing Campaign
Speaker: Vincent Tsui Free Admission. Limited seats. First-come-first-served. Conducted in Cantonese Stepping into the Digital Era, how far can marketing strategies go? With the popularisation of information technologies, practitioners in the advertising industry have to coordinate marketing strategies in a quick, decisive and precise manner as advertising platforms have exp..
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