Jockey Club ifva Everywhere - People’s Cinema – Open-air Screening
Heartwarming short films under the starry sky on one of the steepest streets of Hong Kong. The March screening of People’s Cinema – Open-air Screening of Jockey Club ifva Everywhere will be showing three short films close to the everyday lives of Hong Kong people: The Secret Taste (2012/ Col / 12’ 32’’ / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles) by Adam Wong, Merry X’mas ..
The 21st ifva Awards Jury Recommendation Programme 1
This is the common problem every ifva jury would face: too many outstanding works, too few quotas for finalists. Two public screenings are arranged to share with audience these recommended picks by the different jury members. Free Admission | Duration: 85’ The following short film will be showcased in this programme: 1. I feed you and you feed me Emily Wong/ Hong Kong..
NEW ACTION EXPRESS Short Film Highlights

HONG KONG SHORT FILM: NEW ACTION EXPRESS (NAE) aims at broadening the horizons of Hong Kong creative talents to gain exposure abroad by sponsoring them to participate in international film festivals. Six award-winning titles screened at the 2016 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and Market are now brought back to local platform. A screening which dwells between the border of re..
JOCKEY CLUB ifvaEverywhere: Cinema Back to Basics Public Seminar
While moving image technology has progressed drastically in the recent years, its fundamentals go back several hundreds of years. They are still worth exploring - especially those that are still in use and being rediscovered. We have invited Erkki Huhtamo, pioneering media archaeologist, historian, curator and currently a Professor in the Departments of Design Media Arts, and Film, Televisio..
All About Us 2015/16: Imagination Student Creative Film Showcase
A creative film production scheme designed especially for ethnic minority youths in Hong Kong. For the sixth consecutive year, students continue to transform their stories through moving images. In six different shorts, it refracts the multiple layers of ups and downs, friendship, love, and students ’ responses to happenings around them. Outstanding works from the 36-hour Intensive Shooting..
ifva Young Filmmakers 2015/16: Identity Student Creative Film Showcase
Supported by WYNG Masters Award, ‘‘ifva Young Filmmakers’’ aims to inspire teenagers to express themselves, share their ideas and viewpoints through moving images. Through trainings and learning experiences, five teaching artists (Joseph Wu, Judy Chu, Lai Yan-chi Mo, Kenji Wong, Wong Yee Mei) stimulate creative ideas and inspire young people’s thinking towards the theme. This ye..
CINEMA 2.0 Surviving the Glass System Curator Guided Tour
CINEMA 2.0 has been an integral part of ifva since 2011, exploring the possibilities of the cinematic media with a future-oriented attitude. This year’s CINEMA 2.0 focuses on the theme of surveillance, examining how cinema can be a medium about control as much as expression. Modern men lives in a society of surveillance where our privacy is under constant threat. Surveillance comes in m..
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