ifva+ Dec: Independent Spirit in the Arts
An independent spirit is essential for many artistic disciplines and throughout our daily lives. Taking such a spirit beyond films and videos in this open event, discussion topics come from cross-examination of the new and well-established members in four closely-knitted industries to discover what independent spirit means today in film, theater, music and new media. How does independent spirit..
ifva+ Nov: No indies left for Hong Kong mainstream cinema?
There is this view that a seasoned film promoter would just be responsible for idea execution and loose their edges once co-opted to the mainstream cinema— does this hold true at all? What does mainstream mean to indies today? What would film critic, mainstream film distributor and producer, as well as independent filmmaker say about that? How can directors negotiate their ways between inde..
ifva+ Oct: What has indie film got to do with us anyway?
Indie films matter not only to audience and the film producers. Under the banner of “Independent Spirit”, filmmakers and video makers are able to express, create, and react to happenings around them with greater freedom. But what has this got to do with the general public watching mainstream films? How can indie filmmakers make themselves matter to those beyond their own industry besides p..
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