Wan Chai Detention Workshop 1: Beat-boxing
Beat-boxing is a unique voice technique popular in Europe, the United States and Japan, in which performers use the noises created by their lips, tongues and throats to imitate various musical instruments and machines. In addition to trying out beat-boxing for themselves, participants can observe how actors in Detention use beat-boxing in their performances. Detention Workshops are free..
Wan Chai Detention Workshop 2: Stage Combat
Fight scenes are exciting to see on stage, but how about trying it out in real life? This workshop gives participants the chance to attempt stage combat in a safe yet realistic environment, and learn techniques such as punching, reaction, etc. Detention Workshops are free of charge. Limited seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please register online or call the r..
Wan Chai Detention Workshop 3: Chinese Fan Dance
This workshop introduces the basic techniques of Chinese fan dancing, including the holding and using of fans as well as moving together with music, which will introduce to the audience the lively and unique characteristics of Chinese dance. Upon direct exposure to this art form, audience can better appreciate the dance elements in Detention. Detention Workshops are free of charge. ..
Wan Chai Detention Workshop 4: Clowning
Clowns can be frequently seen on stage; their every expression and action is funny, and they are experts at using body language for humorous effects. Instructor for this workshop will reveal the trade secrets behind being a clown, unleash the funny side of participants and give them a taste of what being a comedic actor is like. Detention Workshops are free of charge. Limited seat..
Art@Lunch – Music of My Homeland
Art@Lunch is a programme that emphasises community engagement, cultural exchange and diversity, offering an alternative way of art appreciation to the hustling Wan Chai neighbourhood as well as those who live and work in nearby district areas during lunchtime. Following on Music of Movement concert in August, the Hong Kong Arts Centre and Western District Music jointly present a concert showc..
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