Fabulous Kimono Workshop in Hong Kong
Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre Date: 2018.11.16 Time: 2pm - 5pm (Sake Tasting Session will start at 1pm) Price: Free Admission Do you know how long does it take to wear a piece of kimono? Can you imagine a kimono which smells like chocolate? Famous kimono stylist from Kyoto, Mr. Tomita will lead you through the world of kimono, to explore its present a..
HKAC Art Shop Inspiration series x Lingnan University 50th Anniversary Lecture S..
Cosmopolitanism, Civil Disobedience and The Global Legacy of Martin Luther King Through the 19th century, the motor of China’s geopolitical change shifted from Eurasia to its southern coast. The impact of the West on China, while resulting in disastrous territorial concessions, also gave rise to a Southern Cosmopolitanism, with Guangdong native, Kang Youwei, becoming a cutting edge fig..
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