Silent Walk by Ang Song Ming
About the Programme Silent Walk is a group exercise in which participants each take five minutes to lead the group, choosing to walk in any direction he or she chooses. During the walk, participants switch off their mobile devices, keep silent and listen to the sounds of their immediate environment. The walk finishes when the last person in the group has taken his or ..
TV Commercials = Music Videos for Products?
Conducted in Cantonese Speaker︰Susie Au(Renowned TV Commercial, Music Video & Feature Film Director) "Music videos are commercials for musicians, while commercials are music videos for products." The prolific and talented director Susie Au, who has directed hundreds of music videos and commercials since the 1990s, believes that innovative and creative works do not nece..
ifva+ Dec: Independent Spirit in the Arts
An independent spirit is essential for many artistic disciplines and throughout our daily lives. Taking such a spirit beyond films and videos in this open event, discussion topics come from cross-examination of the new and well-established members in four closely-knitted industries to discover what independent spirit means today in film, theater, music and new media. How does independent spirit..
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