Art@Lunch-International Jazz Day Celebration-Sheryl Bailey 3 (USA)
Hailed as a sizzling guitar goddess, Sheryl Bailey has transcended the familiar trip of organ, guitar, and drums and raised it to an exciting new plane. The Sheryl Bailey 3, consisting of Sheryl Bailey, Ian Froman and Ron Oswasnki, offers a new spin on the popular organ trip format pioneered by past Hammond B-3 masters Jimmy Smith and Jack McDuff. The SB3 is just as funky and soulful..
Art@Lunch – Selected from Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2014 (Programme..
Art@Lunch is a programme that emphasises community engagement, cultural exchange, and diversity, offering an alternative way of art appreciation to the hustling Wanchai neighbourhood as well as those who live and work in nearby district areas during lunchtime. This May and June, “Art@Lunch” proudly presents a selection of animated works from Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2014 on 28 ..
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